Bluetrait Timesheets is designed to improve your company's payroll workflow

Timesheets Workflow

Using Timesheets is simple and easy, and can be exported to be billed through any Accounting software

1.  Create Timesheet

After creating a fresh Timesheet, the user may add items until the Timesheet is complete

Once complete, the user can submit the Timesheet for approval

2.  Approve Timesheet

Once the user has Submitted the Timesheet, Administrators can manually approve the timesheet

3.  Import Timesheet into Invoice

Once the Timesheet has been approved, an Administrator can import the Timesheet into an Invoice

4.  Export Timesheet for third-party accounting software*

A completed Timesheet can be exported in an easy to use, widely supported CSV format

* Optional step, if using third-party billing/accounting software

Generate invoices directly from submitted Timesheets

Timesheets works together with the other features and modules of Bluetrait's Billing Module


If you have any questions or enquiries about Bluetrait's Timesheets Module, feel free to contact us.
We can schedule a product demonstration or help set up a free trial.

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