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    New Releases

New Website & Features

We're pleased to announce another round of updates.

Firstly we have a new website! As Bluetrait has grown to be more than just a help-desk system we needed a new website to reflect the product.

We think it looks great, check it out.

We're working to add more content to better highlight some of the great new features of Bluetrait, but for now we're very happy with it.

Now on to some great new features we've just released.

For Expenses

As staff expenses is a very new feature we have a lot of work to do to get them working exactly how you want. This update goes a long way to improving managing expenses.

  • You can now filter expenses by date.
  • You can now export expenses to CSV file.
  • We've added a new "name" field for quick entry.
  • You can now import expenses directly into invoices (the new name field is used on the invoice line item) and these expenses are marked as billed once the invoice is saved.

For Timesheets

  • We've created a new edit window in the Timesheet Approval section so that you can now easily make a quick change to a timesheet item if a staff member made a mistake or a change needs to be made after a timesheet has been submitted for approval.

For Invoices

  • Line items are now automatically sorted by date.
  • Some number formatting fixes with displaying costs.

That is all for now, hope you enjoy!