Approving an Expense

Once a user has submitted their Expenses for approval, administrators may view their Expenses before approving or rejecting them.

  1. Navigate to Expenses > Expense Approval in the sidebar
    1. On this page, as well as viewing Expenses that are Requiring Approval, you can view previously approved Expenses and download reports
  2. Select a User whose Expenses you would like to view in the Requiring Approval table
  3. This page provides a list of all Expenses awaiting approval from the User
    1. On the left hand side of the page is a filter to allow you to view specific information for date ranges, companies etc.
    2. Important Note: While the filter changes the information you are currently viewing on the page, the Approve All Reject All buttons act on All Line Items - not just the currently visible ones
  4. Click in to the Expense by pressing the Name to view all the information the User has entered
  5. Once you are satisfied with an Expense, you can click the ✔ Check Mark button in the Toggle column
  6. Repeat this inspection and toggling process on each Expense you wish to approve
  7. To Approve all selected Expenses, press the Selected Expenses dropdown below the Expenses Table and select Approve. Then press the Do button to perform the action.
  8. If you wish to approve all Expenses, press the Approve All button on the top-left hand side of the page