Adding a Ticket

The "Add Ticket" button on the Tickets index

To create a new ticket you must first navigate to Tickets in the sidebar, then click the "Add Ticket" button

Once on the New Ticket page you must first fill out the subject Field. Subsequent fields are not required but are recommended to allow easier classification of the ticket.

The WYSIWYG editor


Using the WYSIWIG editor allows for simple formatting of the message body. 

Below the message body is the "Attach File" section, where the user can add one or more file to be submitted to the Ticket. (only visible if File Storage is enabled in Settings > General > Site Options)

Also visible below the message body will be the Custom Fields if set up by administrators in Settings > Tickets > Custom Fields (more info about Tickets configuration is available here)

The Extra Options button expands a hidden section
Extra Options

Clicking the Extra Options button will reveal the following options:

  • On Behalf of
    • Shows the ticket as "From" another user
  • Assigned to
    • Assigns the ticket to a user
  • Carbon Copy
    • Adds another user who is notified of the ticket and responses
  • Due Date
    • For project management