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Hi All,

Over the last few months we have been doing significant work on the Bluetrait platform. Almost all our core features have seen many improvements.

We have been slowly pushing them out over the last couple of months but we thought that it was time we listed them all!


  • Major upgrades to file attachment handling in Tickets and Replies. Files attached to replies are now separated from the original ticket, it is also possible to see who attached the file, how big it is and when it was attached. Just click the "Attachments" button in the top left of the ticket.
  • Bluetrait now automatically adds {No Subject} to POP downloaded emails if the subject was empty.
  • Checkbox is now an option in custom fields.


  • Adding projects via the API is now possible.
  • Drag and drop file upload for attachments on the view project page.
  • Various permission improvements and options so that people can view projects but not edit them.


  • Guest Portal, you can now allow users to view a copy of the invoice online, the payment status and to download again.
  • Monthly and Cumulative Invoice Reports (with option to break down per company). Up to 3 financial years worth of data can be shown on each graph.
  • New Invoice Template (called Cover Page). This is recommended for users who are primarily invoicing items from the timesheets, it provides a significantly better look and feel.
  • Option to import Timesheet items for a specific user only.
  • Invoice Receipt PDF
  • You can now CC invoices to others, this is saved so that they will get overdue invoices notices as well.
  • Show which timesheets per user were included in an invoice (on the invoice index page)
  • You can now set a location to include an address on the invoice
  • You can now import project custom fields in to the invoice description


  • Clone Timesheet Line Items
  • You can now drag and drop timesheet types so that you can order them how you like (in Settings -> Timesheets)
  • Now able to use either minute billing or hourly billing when entering time
  • Timesheet Line Items are now ordered by date
  • Per User Per Project Billable Hourly Rates


  • Expense Approvals (works in the same manner as timesheets)
  • Expense Report (By Company, Project and User)
  • Export all expense attachments as Zips

We hope you enjoy! There are some great new features that will be useful to many users.